Ryan Adams quits music, quietly defends decision

Yesterday, Ryan Adams wrote an extremely long blog post explaining how he intends to take a break from the music business.

The post is no longer accessible but a new, equally-long scrawl addressed to "Friends and fans (and internet lurking music news hacks)" - hey, that's us! - has taken its place.

"I am very sorry if my blog post concerning my need to walk away for however long from Cardinals (and from doing music related to the music I have made during my solo career and during my very long and substantially frustrating time at my former label ) was alarming or shocking or seemed off base. It was not my intention to be dramatic," writes Adams from the Cardinal Cave.

"I feel like I am entitled to my feelings and that I certainly do not deserve to be further ridiculed" Ryan Adams

"I feel like I am entitled to my feelings and that I certainly do not deserve to be further ridiculed for my deteriorating inner ear issues and the physical pain that goes along with that."

Ménière's disease

In a nutshell, Ryan Adams is taking a hiatus from music because: 1) he has Ménière's disease (the next, much worse step after tinnitus), 2) he actually thinks he's holding The Cardinals back, and 3) he needs a break.

Hopefully the prolific singer-songwriter didn't read too much into MusicRadar's suggestion that he might need a quality control assistant. We weren't joking, but lots of music is better than none at all.

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