Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart to reform The Faces

From one dirty rock 'n' roll band to another...
From one dirty rock 'n' roll band to another...

Rod Stewart has confirmed that The Faces are set to reunite for rehearsals, with a full reformation likely.

Speaking to, Stewart said that all of the surviving members were due to assemble for a rehearsal on 17 November.

Stewart's touring bassist is expected to fill in for original bassist Ronnie Lane, who passed away in 1997.

Ronnie Wood is on board, which casts further doubt on his future in The Rolling Stones, following speculation that recent tabloid attention regarding his personal life has caused disquiet in the Stones camp.

The Faces split in December 1975 following Wood's increasing involvement with The Rolling Stones. Wood went on to officially become a Rolling Stone in February 1976.

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