REM's Peter Buck's stolen guitar gets 'anonymous' return

REM guitarist Peter Buck has had his prized Rickenbacker 360 returned by an "anonymous source". The guitar was stolen from the stage after a gig in Helsinki earlier this month, prompting a 'Rickenbacker amnesty' from the band.

A "visibly relieved" Peter Buck issued a statement: "It's great to have it back in my hands. I'm looking forward to playing it tonight in Luxembourg."

Bertis Downs, REM's manager continued: "We were always hopeful it would turn up, and thanks to the efforts of a lot of people, we are thrilled to have it back in Peter's possession. We are grateful and very happy that it worked out this way."

Who dunnit?

That's it. The guitar was returned anonymously, everyone's happy and extremely "grateful" for its safe return.

MusicRadar is also delighted that the Rick' is back with the Buck but, er, hang on… was the thief brought to justice? Who are these hard-working souls that Mr Downs heaps his praise on? Mercenary REM fans? Cops? Ace Ventura?

We've asked the band's label Warner Music Group to elaborate on the details. Stay tuned…

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