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Paul Stanley goes off on fan at KISS concert

Evey day is Mother's Day for Paul
Evey day is Mother's Day for Paul

KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley may be made for loving you, but he doesn't love everybody in his audience. During a recent concert in Nevada, he had a fan ejected from the venue after the two exchanged words in the middle of KISS' performance.

It still isn't known what the audience member did to get Stanley all Josh Homme (or is it Joe Pesce?), but according to a source, "Paul got into a verbal/fluid scuffle with a jackass in the front. Paul began spitting at the guy before and during I Was Made For Loving You, and after the song, went off on the guy for about five minutes before security removed the non-fan. Paul unleashed an F-bomb tirade, and it involved the guy's mom, his possible low-level job history, his mental-age level and what the guy likes to put in his mouth. It was GREAT!"

Saying you-know-what-about somebody's mom...Where we come from, that gets you a knuckle sandwich, especially if you're wearing silly-ass boots!

Here's the incident in video installments one, two, and three. Enjoy! Thanks to Blabbermouth.