Nirvana's Bleach set for reissue

Nirvana's debut album Bleach is set for reissue on 3 November 2009. Marking the record's 20th anniversary, Sub Pop Records has announced that the platinum-selling record will be re-released as a double CD and LP featuring a previously-unreleased recording of a 1990 live show.

Bleach producer Jack Endino has overseen the original LP's remastering process and mixed the live disc, which features the full set from Nirvana's show on 9 February 1990 at the Pine Street Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

Both the CD and LP will come packaged with a new booklet featuring candid photos of the band not previously released to the public.

Here are the full track-listings:

Bleach: Deluxe Edition
1. Blew
2. Floyd the Barber
3. About a Girl
4. School
5. Love Buzz
6. Paper Cuts
7. Negative Creep
8. Scoff
9. Swap Meet
10. Mr. Moustache
11. Sifting
12. Big Cheese
13. Downer

Live at Pine Street Theatre
1. Intro
2. School
3. Floyd the Barber
4. Dive
5. Love Buzz
6. Spank Thru
7. Molly's Lips
8. Sappy
9. Scoff
10. About a Girl
11. Been a Son
12. Blew

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Want to see Nirvana rocking out in a record store in 1989 with Chad Channing on drums and Jason Everman on rhythm guitar? Of course you do...

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