NAMM 2011 VIDEO: Yamaha's new Club Custom drums demoed

Kenny Chesney drummer Sean Paddock rocks Yamaha's Club Custom kit
Kenny Chesney drummer Sean Paddock rocks Yamaha's Club Custom kit (Image credit: © Joe Bosso)

NAMM 2011: Yamaha unveiled the most spiffy-looking Club Custom drum kit. Three years in the making, the Club Custom line of drums features 100 percent Kapur shells and boast a dramatic 'swirl' painted finish.

Sure, they look beautiful - the kits come in 'Swirl Orange,' 'Swirl Black' and the 'Swirl Blue" set that Yamaha Drums Marketing Manager Dave Jewell showed us. But how do they sound? That's the big question.

Pretty darn great, especially when a seasoned pro like Sean Paddock sits down and lets loose. Paddock has been country superstar Kenny Chesney's drummer for 15 years, and in the video above he aptly demonstrates why he's held onto such an illustrious gig for so long. Oh, and did we mention the Club Custom drums sound great? Yes, we did, but it's worth mentioning twice.

Joe Bosso

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