NAMM 2010: Vox announces AGA70 acoustic guitar amp

Vox AGA70 acoustic guitar amp
Vox AGA70 acoustic guitar amp

PRESS RELEASE: Announcing the new AGA70 two-channel vacuum tube acoustic guitar amp.

- Acoustic guitars amplifier featuring two channels: Normal and Tube Pre
- Each channel offers two inputs: Guitar (phone) and Mic (XLR)
- Lo-Z and Hi-Z level switch on each input; Mic inputs can provide phantom power
- Tube Pre channel is equipped with a 12AU7 vacuum tube, producing a warm and natural sound
- Three-band EQ on each channel Bass, Middle, Treble
- COLOR feature provides convenient single-knob control of the overall sound, emphasizing a wide range of performance techniques from picking arpeggios to strumming chords
- High quality effects are provided for each channel; selectable Chorus and variable Reverb
- Anti-Feedback control suppresses acoustic feedback
- Full-range VOX 6.5" speaker is built in
- Line inputs (Left & Right) allow a keyboard or other instrument to be connected directly
- Stereo mini-jack MP3/CD input for jamming along, or for use as a portable PA system
- DI output (balanced XLR) is available for using the AGA with a larger sound system; a tuner output is also provided.
- Optional VFS2 provides footswitch control of the Effect Bypass and All Mute features

Two-channel acoustic amp

Ideal for the acoustic performer, the new AGA70 acoustic guitar amp is designed to perfectly project the subtle resonances and sweet, mellow tones of the acoustic guitar. Each of the two channels (Normal and Tube Pre) is equipped with a standard guitar input, as well as a microphone input with selectable phantom power.

An electro-acoustic guitar or mic can be connected to each channel, making this the perfect amp for a singer-instrumentalist. An additional Lo-Z / Hi-Z switch on each input accommodates a variety of signal levels.

12AU7 vacuum tube preamp

The Tube Pre channel preamp features a 12AU7 (ECC82) dual-triode vacuum tube, imparting your guitar or vocal sound with the roundness and warmth so distinctive of the vacuum tube sound.

COLOR function and on-board effects add convenient control

In addition to Bass, Middle, and Treble tone controls, each channel provides an effective COLOR control. Working in harmony with the traditional EQ, the COLOR knob allows you to quickly shift the tonal response to match your performance. This additional control accommodates a broad variety of sounds ranging from thick and robust to sparkling and clean.

Choose the perfect setting for any performance technique, whether it's rapid-fire arpeggios or solid strumming. A full complement of effects is also available on each channel. The Chorus effect is selectable via a switch; the Reverb can be added in any amount using the Reverb knob. The AGA70 is all you need to complete your sound.

Versatile design offers the right connections for any situation

The AGA70 provides stereo line inputs that can accept the signal from a keyboard or other musical instrument - even a multi-track recorder. Use the AUX input and connect an MP3 player or other audio source to enjoy a jam session.

The DI (balanced XLR) output offers a convenient way to send your sound to a larger PA system without using a direct box, and still allowing the AGA70 to control your mix. The Tuner output is always active, even when the main output is muted for silent tuning between songs and sets.

The Anti-Feedback control minimizes acoustic feedback, making the AGA70 a good choice as a stage monitor. The optional VFS2 provides footswitch control of the Effect Bypass or All Mute functions, offering great flexibility during a live performance.

AGA70 Specifications

- Output Power: 70 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms
- Speaker: 6.5" full-range custom speaker
- Channels: Normal / Tube Pre (12AU7 Vacuum Tube)
- Channel Inputs: Guitar (1/4" phone) / Mic (Balanced XLR) with selectable ±15 Volt phantom power / Lo-Z / Hi-Z gain switch
- Channel Preamp Controls: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Color
- Channel Effect Controls:Reverb, Chorus (Switch)
- Master Controls: Anti-Feedback, Master, All Mute (switch) / Master Inputs: Line In (Left, Right) ¼" phone / AUX In (Stereo) 1/8" mini phone jack / VFS2 Footswitch jack
- Master Outputs: DI Direct Out (Balanced XLR) / Tuner Output (1/4" Phone)
- Power Source: AC, local voltage
- Power Consumption: 73 W
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 323 x 262 x 331 mm / 12.7 x 10.3 x 13.0 inches
- Weight: 10.1 kg / 22.3 lbs
- Accessory: Power cord
- Optional Item: VFS2 Dual Foot Switch


£299 (Tentative S.S.P. inc VAT)

Availability: FEB 2010

For more information, visit Vox Amps' official site

Information taken from official press release

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