Musikmesse 2010: P Style bass receives the East treatment with P-Retro

Flexible retro bass sounds
Flexible retro bass sounds

FRANKFURT MUSIKMESSE 2010 PRESS RELEASE: Following the huge world-wide success of East UK's J-Retro bass preamp and its many model specific derivatives, the company has turned its considerable talent to the P-style bass, resulting in the release of P-Retro.

Based on feedback from players from around the world, EAST UK has once again designed a simple but flexible active/passive bass preamp equaliser which offers huge tonal variation to one of the most popular styles of bass of all time, without the need to permanently modify the instrument itself.

P-Retro features two stacked knobs each with a pull switch, class A FET input stage and a high quality relay for pure passive bypass. Power is provided by an internal rechargeable battery.

The normal volume control becomes the Volume/Tone Stack and works in exactly the same way as the P-style bass original controls, passing the passive signal directly to the jack. When the volume control is pulled up, the active circuit is switched in, post passive tone control and adds 2.5dB of gain with a flat response.

P-Retro operates in two main modes. The Active Stack consists of a boost control with a centre detent. Moving this control clockwise provides mid boost of up to 15dB's with the 41-click outer control setting the mid-frequency. Moving the control anti-clockwise provides the equivalent boost of both treble and bass spectrums simultaneously, with the outer control setting the frequency bands. The pull switch on the Active Stack provides Deep Boost which can be preset internally to one of four frequencies. The Deep Boost level may be set by internal trimmer too.

An on-board, rechargeable Lithium Polymer (Li-Pol) battery provides up to 40 hours of continuous use and is recharged with an external charger via the jack socket. Low charge is automatically sensed, activating an auto passive bypass relay.

P-Retro is easy to fit and uses screw terminals with no solder connections. No physical modification of the bass is required, allowing the bass to be returned to stock condition at any time.

P-Retro is available now from and many guitar outlets with a number of knob options. With Vintage-style knobs P-Retro is priced at £194.95 including VAT. (Includes UK shipping when ordered on-line) with standard J-Retro knobs the price is £179.95. Black and Gold knob options are also available.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit East UK

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