Musikmesse 08: Axon PU 100 is a MIDI pickup

Strap this to your axe and you re good to get your MIDI based groove on
Strap this to your axe and you're good to get your MIDI-based groove on.

It already makes one of the finest guitar-to-MIDI systems on the market, and now Axon has released its new PU 100 Hex pickup. This was developed in collaboration with Seymour Duncan.

We´re assured that the new pickup can be fitted to pretty much any steel-string guitar, whether this be acoustic or electric. All that´s required is clearance of 9mm between the normal pickup and bridge and 10mm between the body and strings.

Once installed, the PU 100 gives you access to a range of features on your guitar-to-MIDI controller. Volume adjustment, preset switching and level balancing between the standard pickup and PU 100 are all supported. There´s a 3 LED status display and the length of the cable can be adjusted.

Compatible with all of Axon´s guitar-to-MIDI hardware and other 13-pin devices, the PU 100 will ship in May for $199/€149. For the full lowdown, browse to the Axon website.