MusicRadar Playlist: this week's office listening

Even by our own standards, this week's MusicRadar playlist is an eccentrically eclectic affair. Below you'll find the new (and not-so-new) tracks picked for the office stereo by our various team members this week; from energetic Syrian folk to the new Arctic Monkeys, classic Rory Gallagher and more. Enjoy.

Omar Souleyman - Warni Warni

Syrian musician Omar Souleyman and his long-time sideman Rizan Sa'id have, supposedly, released over 500 bootlegs tapes of their energised take on traditional dabke party music, recorded mostly at weddings around the Middle East.

Over the last few years Souleyman has picked up a cult following in the west thanks to his utterly unique live shows and a series of compilations released on US label Sublime Frequencies. This track comes from his recently released 'official' debut album, which was recorded with subtle production assistance from Kieren Hebden (aka Four Tet).

It's hard to put the appeal of his Syrian-folk meets techno sound into words, so we suggest you just listen and, if you get the chance, go see him live. You won't be disappointed. (Si Truss)

Arctic Monkeys - One For The Road

If Jamie Cook cruising on a tractor doesn't do it for you, then we can't be friends I'm afraid. AM is already a classic in my head, and One For The Road is up there with the best tracks on the album.

Throw in a weird little video and the fact I'm heading up to Sheffield to see the Arctics in a couple of weeks and you've got the perfect storm of Playlist goodness. (Rob Power)

Francis And The Lights - If They Don't Come Tomorrow

Having already released one delicate and beautiful slice of electronic pop this year in the form of ETC, Francis and the Lights have just come up with another one. With a timeless melody, it bodes will for the release of new EP Like A Dream on 25 November. (Ben Rogerson)

Lee Bannon - 216

Drum 'n' bass and jungle are back in fashion, but you'll be hard pressed to find a more unique take on the genre than that being pedalled by Californian hip-hop beatmaker turned junglist eccentric Lee Bannon. This track is taken from his forthcoming album for Ninja Tune, Alternative/Endings. (ST)

Ghost B.C. - If You Have Ghosts

This past year, everybody's favorite hooded Swedish spook metallers, Ghost (or Ghost B.C.), transcended their cult status and are now on the verge of big-time mainstream acceptance. Psychedelic rocker and 13th Floor Elevators founder Roky Erickson never enjoyed such crossover appeal, but his toothy 1981 cut If You Have Ghosts will reach a lot of ears by way of Ghost's inviting, pop-tinged remake, produced by no less than Dave Grohl (who plays drums as well). (Joe Bosso)

Rory Gallagher - Edged In Blue

There's a new Rory Gallagher compilation out next week, a slightly odd concept album called Kickback City that attempts to re-package some of the Irish legend's songs around a noir theme.

Edged In Blue isn't on Kickback City, but as soon as I heard about the new release I started thinking about it. My favourite Rory Gallagher song by a country mile and pretty much perfect. (RP)

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