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Mos Def to let you wear his new album

The Ecstatic: comes clean at 40 degrees.
The Ecstatic: comes clean at 40 degrees.

Earlier this month, we reported that UK supermarket giant ASDA is to start selling clothing with song lyrics printed on it, but now Mos Def is among the artists going one better by releasing a whole album in T-shirt form.

Before you start wondering how on earth you're going to fit this into your CD drive for ripping, though, we should point out that the shirt doesn't actually play the album - it features the cover art on the front, the tracklisting on the back and a hang tag that contains a download code for the music itself.

The Music Tee wheeze is the brainchild of music fashion company Invisible DJ and designer LnA, and it's being reported that the Mos Def shirt will cost $39.

We're still a little disappointed that it doesn't make any noise, though: for that, we recommend the toy piano T-shirt.

(Via Pitchfork)