Make music your business with Met Music Academy

PRESS RELEASE: Francis Seriau (Founder and former owner of Tech Music Schools) and his team have launched a unique touring music and enterprise academy delivering international multidisciplinary weekend courses aimed at transforming the careers of talented individuals: both musically and professionally.

MET Music Academy is the product of an exciting collaboration between Francis Seriau, industry giant and Music Producer 'Kipper' and Fred Bolza, Vice President, Creative Group, Sony Music. Its weekend courses are designed specifically to include the needs ofboth talented musicians as well as those of the music industry.

MET Music Academy, which stands forMusic, Enterprise & Talent,is a not-for-profit social enterprise.

Who's it for? If you're a talented musician with skills in Guitar - Vocals - Drums - Keys - Bass - Song Writing - Production/Programming - Music Directing,

And you want to forge important lifelong relationships, get inspired and above all, make music Your business, MET Music Academy is for you.

The focus of each weekend course is on the 4 key success factors:

  1. Musical Excellence: Achieving: How to achieve peak performance in your chosen discipline - Standing out from the crowd
  2. Music Industry & Entrepreneurship: How the music industry works - Think 'Entrepreneur' - what's involved and how to get there - Investment
  3. Technology & Innovation: The new Tech and Media revolution - Its influence on the world of music: from creation to consumption - Leveraging the opportunities
  4. Media & Branding: Making deals - Brands Partnerships - Licensing - Direct-to-fan-sales

And how they interconnect on a practical level and how best to leverage the multiple opportunies that each affords.

With a prestigious faculty boasting leading industry executives, musicians/artists and entrepreneurs, the Academy is underpinned by unparalleled experience in every aspect of the music industry and extensive knowledge of current and projected trends.

The quality of the content, the stimulating environment, the opportunities to progress and the long-term benefits afforded by professional mentoring, networking, live performances, feedback from experts and a comprehensive personalised game plan make MET Music Academy uniquely relevant to the needs of today's musicians

The Faculty includes

Colin Barlow - Managing Director of RCA Records (Sony), Ash Soan - Drums, Jason Rebello - Keys, Fred Bolza - Vice President Creative Group (Sony), Rob Harris - Guitar, Matthew Rock - Founding Editor of Real Business, Laurence Cottle - Bass, Jo Thompson - Vocals, Jon Shone - Musical Director, Kipper- Producer, Jack Horner FRUKT. Founder & Executive Creative Director, Milton McDonald Guitar, DEEWAN SINGH Producer, LOUISE CLAR MARSHAL -Vocals, Richard Cardwell - Musical Director, PAUL TURNER - Bass, David Housden Composer, Julien Brown Drums…

At long last talented individuals will have rare access to those with real expertise and knowledge, and be given the vital tools which will enable them to take control of their careers and to succeed both commercially as well as artistically.

Key European locations have been chosen:

LONDON - 05/06 April 2014 @ Metropolis Studios

STOCKHOLM - 14/15 June 2014 Kulturama Performing Art School

BERLIN - 06/07 September 2014 - Venue to be confirmed

And there's more in the pipeline!

If you're as interested in them, as they are in helping you, check them out:

Web site:


Take advantageof the great early enrolment offer on the price page of the web site for one of their weekend intensive courses.

Join MET Music Academy inone of these great cities: London, Stockholm or Berlin.

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