Kurt Cobain to be 'smoked in joint', finally achieve Nirvana?

Now, where are my skins?
Now, where are my skins?

Kurt Cobain's ashes were reportedly stolen, along with a lock of hair, from Courtney Love's bedroom back in June. Now, an Australian artist called Natascha Stellmach claims to have "acquired" the remains, and plans to smoke them in a joint to "release Cobain into the ether from the media circus."

The infamous pile of ash is currently on display in Gallerie Wagner + Partner in Berlin as part of Stellmach's Set Me Free exhibition. Her five-part 'death cycle' will climax with the smoking of the ashes in a secret Berlin location.

Purveyors of art, Art World, asked Stellmach how she came to own the ashes: "That's confidential and kind of magic. They came to me."

"That's confidential and kind of magic. They came to me." Natasha Stellmach on acquiring the ashes

Stolen goods

If we just detach our brains for a second and imagine the thief flying into Ms Stellmach's bedroom to sprinkle the charred remains on her pillow, shouldn't these 'stolen goods' be handed over to the Bundespolizei ASAP?

Maybe Natascha Stellmach is just a really big Kurt Cobain fan and took the meaning of 'Nirvana' a bit too literally. To quote The Dictionary, Nirvana is "the goal of spiritual practice in Buddhism; liberation from the cycle of rebirth and suffering." By removing the ashes from the turmoils of Courtney Love's everyday life and smoking them into thin air, could it help Kurt Cobain finally achieve Nirvana?

Whatever her prerogative, MusicRadar would like to say congratulations for blowing Kurt Cobain's memory well and truly back into the media circus.

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