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Kemper reveals "breathtaking" delay effects for Profiler guitar amp

Kemper's Profiler amp is renowned for its, well, profiling technology, but it also serves up a mean effect, and the company's new delay update is its most impressive yet.

Now available to download as a public beta, the update adds seven new delay categories, with full tone-shaping parameters and routing.

These delay types are:

  • Single Delay
  • Dual Delay
  • Two Tap Delay
  • Serial Two Tap Delay
  • Rhythm Delay
  • Quad Delay
  • Dual Crystal Delay

Each of the categories can be adjusted to emulate tape and analogue delay tonalities using parameters such as hi/low cut, flutter and grit, while soundscapers will enjoy the infinite hold, reverse, swell and smear settings.

As you can hear in the video above, the tones can get seriously spacey, and certainly cross over into Eventide/Strymon pedal territory.

Version 5.0 of the Kemper Profiler OS is available as a public beta right now for free from the Kemper website.