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Keane write rap track, seek guest vocal

Keane: Keep it real (ale)
Keane: Keep it real (ale)

Power-piano balladeers Keane have written a rap track. Unfortunately, frontman Tom Chaplin won't be laying down the vocal, and, it's probably not called Straight Outta Battle (the band's hometown). Although, clearly, it should be.

Keane's drummer Richard Hughes spilled the beans on Q Radio: "We've got this great song which we haven't recorded yet which has a spot for a guest rap vocal which I'm really excited to get going. We're just trying to push the boat and really do different things and there's tons of songs we just want to work on."

The band are on the verge of releasing third LP Perfect Symmetry. Its first single, Spiralling, is a synth-led dance number and certainly marks an interesting change in direction. Perhaps Keane going hip-hop won't be as cringeworthy as it sounds?