Is a Creed reunion in the works?

Stapp, Tremonti and co. are eyeing big bucks
Stapp, Tremonti and co. are eyeing big bucks

As we reported last month, Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti hinted that he was leaving the door open ever-so-slightly for a Creed reunion in 2009.

Responding to a question about such a reformation, Tremonti said, "Who knows what can happen next year? 2009 could be one of the craziest years ever for us."

Yes, it could be crazy. And that door appears to be swinging wide open.

Details being hammered out

According to sources who have spoken to Billboard, Creed are hammering out details for a lucrative 2009 reunion tour. The Scott Stapp-led group, which was one of the top sellers of the past decade, has not performed since an acrimonious split in June 2004.

While Stapp went on to a less-than-stellar solo career, Tremonti, along with former Creed bandmates, drummer Scott Phillips and original bassist Brian Marshall, formed Alter Bridge with vocalist Myles Kennedy.

Alter Bridge has released two moderately successful albums, 2004's One Day Remains and 2006's Blackbird, and were planning on recording a new record next fall.

But now Kennedy is rumored to be the prime contender to replace Robert Plant for a tour with Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham. (Remarkably,Tremonti told MusicRadar he found the idea of Kennedy singing with the 'Zep band' exciting, and that Kennedy 'deserved' the gig. Was there something more concrete he wasn't telling us? Something that's being worked on at this very moment?)

'Significant dollars' on the table

Reportedly, there are 'significant dollars' on the table for a Creed trek, which makes the situation all the more interesting: During a 2006 interview with this writer, Tremonti, when asked "What would it take for you to consider a Creed reunion with Scott Stapp said, "millions and millions of dollars - and even then I'd probably still say no."

We at MusicRadar don't claim to be music business accountants, but we do know that 'significant dollars' can buy separate tour buses. Not to mention a lot of therapy.

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