Gibson Robot guitar and Radiohead win Digital awards

The self-tuning guitar - clever
The self-tuning guitar - clever

Gibson's Robot Les Paul electric guitar has won the Best Music Hardware gong at the BT Digital Music Awards.

The guitar not only self-tunes and self-intonates, but also features a rotary master control knob that gives access to a range of customisable alternate tunings including Open E, DADGAD, Drop D and several others.

"The Robot guitar was a vision I had for many years prior to its production and to win goes to prove that it has been embraced by musicians around the world and I am delighted," said Henry Juszkiewicz of Gibson Guitar.

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Other winners in the BT Digital Music Awards included Radiohead (Artist Of The Year), Coldplay (best indie/rock artist) and The Zutons (best video podcasts).

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