Do some Damage with the Glass Nexus

To infinity and...well, you know where
To infinity and...well, you know where

Is your modulation not "mod" enough? Are your delay effects not having the right effect? Sounds like you need to do a little Damage Control.

Damage Control has just released six new digital and analog pedals, the first of which is the Glass Nexus, a neat-looking box which combines custom modulation effects with dynamics processing and reverb. Boasting "an innovative approach to signal processing", Damage Control says the Glass Nexus "brings yet unheard levels of depth and richness to classic effects".

Natural Number Processing (NNP), dual 12AX7s, and analogue dry path should also ensure a high degree of fidelity and musicality. Store eight of your favorite sounds in the preset banks or use the MIDI functionality to further expand the possibilities.

Using the parameter control knobs, you can adjust the Effect Mix from dry to maximum intensity; the Effect Adjust, which changes the LFO speed for modulation effects, voicing for choir, and pitch shift for detune; the Delay Mix, which controls the wet/dry delay ratio; the Delay Repeats, which sets the number of repeats from zero to infinity; the Delay Time to vary anywhere from 50ms to 1.5 seconds.

The possibilities just might be endless. And did we mention the reverb yet? With the Reverb Mix and Adjust controls, you can set the wet/dry reverb ratio and go from the sound of a small room to that of an auditorium. We're looking forward to getting to grips with it...

US list price: $559.99. Available 23 March 2008.

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