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Dedicated Roland Channel revamped and relaunched

The new Roland Channel
The new Roland Channel

Regulars here will already be well-aware of the dedicated MusicRadar Roland channel - bringing you the latest news, gear releases and competitions directly from the giants of electronic music-making. So what's new? Everything…

As of today, we've revamped and relaunched the whole shebang. You'll still find all the latest products and insider knowledge PLUS interviews with key industry figures and musicians. Not to mention the new Roland TV Channel on YouTube featuring more Roland and Boss gear demos than you can shake a digital stick at.

Anyone with a Facebook page or a blog can grab themselves the dedicated Roland on MusicRadar widget and get the latest content delivered directly to their profile (check the right-hand column and scroll down for yours). The Twitterers among us can also follow @Roland_UK for bonus updates - or if you don't use Twitter, check the top of the page for the automatic feed.

All this in a shiny-new, regularly updated blog. Check out Roland's interview with Art Brut's Jasper Future on the secrets of signing a record deal and this video of Alex Hutchings putting the Boss GT-10 through its paces for a taste of what's already there, and what to expect much, much more of…