Dave Mustaine unveils signature Cleartone strings

Megadeth man Dave Mustaine has teamed up with US manufacturer Cleartone for a new set of signature guitar strings.

The strings will come in .010 to .052 'light top, heavy bottom' gauge sets and feature the firm's trademark (not to mention annoyingly capitalised), VolumeBOOST and ToneLOCK technology.

The former, says the firm, makes the strings up to 36% louder than uncoated strings and the latter makes them last three to five times longer.

"The first time I played Cleartone Strings, I noticed a ton more volume," says Megadave. "They were bright, felt solid and durable, but really loud."

Cleartone also maintains that its product doesn't suffer from the feel issues of other coated strings as the coating is less than one micron thin. (We looked up 'micron' on Wikipedia and found it equates to one thousandth of a millimetre).

"I didn't even know they were treated until I realized how long they were on the guitar," says Mustaine. "They last much longer than other strings I've used."

"I really feel that Cleartone strings are amazing," he continues. "They are the best sounding strings out there, which is why I use them exclusively on all my guitars."

We love a happy ending. The Cleartone Monster Mustaine .010-to-.052 set will have a USA MSRP of $19.00 and a USA street price of around $12.99 per set. No word on UK/Europe pricing yet.

Matthew Parker

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