‘Coldplay Radio’ to air in US

There s no escaping them now
There's no escaping them now...

It seems that those in radio-land clearly didn't take offence to Chris Martin walking out of a radio interview just two weeks ago, as the US-based XM Radio is to dedicate an entire station to the band for a month.

XM's Channel 51, a currently defunct satellite station, will broadcast 'Coldplay Radio' for 30 days from 15 July, beaming exclusively Coldplay content including studio and live tracks, B-sides and other rarities around the clock. That's a lot of Coldplay.

Unlike what seems like 90% of the music press, this MusicRadar writer is a Coldplay fan and thinks Viva La Vida, currently at number one on both sides of the Atlantic, is brilliant - but still can't see that Coldplay need any more radio play than they already get. Surely this airtime would be better dedicated to up-and-coming acts? Broadcasting a solid month's worth of a band that have been one of the biggest in the world for the last eight years can't be good for radio's reputation as a rather stale medium.

The icing on the irony cake is that XM Channel 51 used to be a progressive fusion station - a far cry from the band's anthemic pop rock.

Coldplay, however, will be undoubtedly be pleased - the 30 Days Of Coldplay feature coincides nicely with the bands US tour - but what do MusicRadar users think? Let us know below...