Axl Rose thanks MusicRadar for "letting the people speak"

The greatest lead singer of all time, as voted for by you
The greatest lead singer of all time, as voted for by you
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Saturday 11 December saw Axl Rose speak out about MusicRadar's recent poll that saw him voted the greatest lead singer of all time.

The Guns N' Roses star beat off stiff competition from legendary rock frontmen like Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant, and on Saturday, a post from the official Guns N' Roses Facebook account said the following:

"Thank you for all of the support you give us day in day out. All you folks on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, the message boards that fight the good fight - we feel it and very much appreciate it - THANK YOU!. And special thanks to MusicRadar for holding the poll and letting people speak. - Axl"


As we expected, Axl proved to be a contentious choice. Despite the support of thousands of fans who voted for him, your comments following the poll results have been varied, to say the least:

Ra1d3rOne: "Wow... Axl Rose??? WTF! That guy sucks ass!"

MrGawain: "The reason I voted for Axl Rose is simple: Of the lead singers I have heard on record AND seen live, he was the most enthralling."

SixxFix: "Axl Rose? Seriously?! The list was going fairly well right up until the end and that was a complete WTF moment. There is no way that he is the greatest lead singer of all time. I would agree he should be in the probably the top 20. But no way in hell is he better than Freddie Mercury or Robert Plant."

See the full rundown of the 30 greatest lead singers of all time here and have your say.

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