Ask MusicRadar: what's the best VST guitar amp/effect modelling plug-in in the world today?

Plug a guitar into a laptop and with the right software you can create pretty much any tone you like
Plug a guitar into a laptop and, with the right software, you can create pretty much any tone you like.

Amp and effect modelling software used to be sneered at by many guitarists, but not any more (well, not by more enlightened players, anyway).

Although it'll never totally replicate the experience of plugging into and playing through a classic amplifier, few would deny that it's now possible to create a tone that's virtually indistinguishable from the 'real thing' in a band mix using just a computer and some software.

Not only do plug-in modellers give players access to a library of great guitar sounds for a fraction of the price of a vintage amp and FX collection, but they are also much more controllable and easier on the ears, too.

But which is the very best amp and effect modelling software you can buy? That's what MusicRadar wants to know, and we're aware that it's a contentious issue. For guitarists, it's not just about features and sound; it's about feel, and being able to properly connect with the tone that you've created.

Based on your nominations, we've now come up with a shortlist of products - vote for your favourite below.