Ask MusicRadar: what's the best music-making product of 2009?

What product will walk the red carpet in 2009? You decide...
What product will walk the red carpet in 2009? You decide... (Image credit: Patrik Giardino/Corbis)


Every year, the Music Industries Association (MIA) celebrates the best in music-making by staging the prestigious MIA Music Awards and once again, MusicRadar is sponsoring the cutting-edge and, let's face it, rather sexy Best New Product category.

Celemony Melodyne took the honours last year for its innovative Direct Note Access (check it out right here). However 2009 has been an even more impressive year for great new product and we need your help to pick the very best of it.

MusicRadar needs you!

So what qualifies as Best New Product? Think innovation, coolness and usability. Think something that came in, gripped your imagination, transformed the way you play and got you and your mates saving your hard-earned cash. Other criteria? Just make sure it was a) Released this year; and B) Impressed your socks off. That's it!

For those in need of a hint of what's been released over the last year, just look though our dedicated NAMM, Frankfurt Musikmesse and LIMS coverage for inspiration. You'll find everything here from hardware controllers to software synths and guitar FX to glow-in-the-dark drum sticks.

Here's a few of our own suggestions to get you started:

1. Korg nanoSeries (nanoPad, nanoKontrol and nanoKey)
2. Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Pedal
3. Roland AX-Synth
4. Sonic Charge Synplant
5. Yamaha NX Guitars
6. DW Eco-X Project Kit

What to do now

Get involved! Here's now to cast your vote:

Once we've got all your nominations, we'll create a shortlist. From that, we'll create a poll and you can vote until you're blue in the face and we have the Best New Product of 2009!

Get voting now!

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