Guitar Showcase 2022: A-Z

Guitar Showcase 2022: A-Z of exhibitors
(Image credit: Future)


Charvel Jim Root Signature Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1

(Image credit: Charvel)

Charvel® celebrates legendary Slipknot guitarist and heavy metal innovator Jim Root with signature Pro-Mod San Dimas® model

August 2022 saw Charvel® release the Jim Root Signature Pro-Mod San Dimas® Style 1 HH FR E/M, the latest in a long line of innovative FMIC (Fender Musical Instruments Corp.) instruments crafted to honour the legendary Slipknot guitarist’s brutal tone and dexterous playing. 

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Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball

(Image credit: Ernie Ball)

The world’s leading manufacturer in premium electric and acoustic guitar strings, bass strings, and guitar accessories.

From budding guitarists to seasoned professionals, Ernie Ball has the strings and accessories that are right for your level and sound.

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Hercules Stands

Hercules Stands

(Image credit: Hercules Stands)

HERCULES Stands celebrates over twenty years of trust with NEW Plexi guitar stands and hangers

In 2022, HERCULES Stands looks back on its 20-year company history. Since the beginning, HERCULES products have always been a constant companion for musicians worldwide - whether on stage or at home.

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IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia AmpliTube TONEX

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

Meet AmpliTube TONEX™, a total software ecosystem based on powerful new AI Machine Modeling™ technology and experience thousands of ultra-realistic Tone Models of amps and pedals from day one - with the promise of limitless new tones to come. 

By using our most advanced modeling technology ever, each Tone Model created is almost indistinguishable from the real gear.

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Jackson American Series Soloist TM SL3

(Image credit: Jackson)

Introducing the American Series Soloist SL3 – representing some of the most exciting developments for both Jackson and the metal genre.

In September, Jackson launched the American Series Soloist TM SL3, a high- performance American-made flagship electric guitar, crafted for speed and produced for the heaviest and fastest of players.

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Laney LA-Studio Supergroup

(Image credit: Laney)

The iconic Supergroup reimagined – the amp that forged heavy metal returns in a new form

The genre-defining 1969 Laney SUPERGROUP that kickstarted Heavy Metal, is reimagined in 2022 as a stunning, low wattage studio head.

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Line 6

Line 6

(Image credit: Line 6)

Find your perfect tone with Line 6 Catalyst Amps and HX Stomp XL.

Earlier this year, Line 6 introduced the Catalyst® family of guitar amplifiers, comprising the Catalyst 200 2x12 combo and the Catalyst 100 and Catalyst 60 1x12 combos. These dual-channel amplifiers look and perform like traditional amplifiers – while offering the increased versatility of modern amps.

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Mooer Audio GTRS Professional 800

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

Mooer continue to innovate with the release of the GTRS Professional Intelligent Guitar and PRIME P1 Intelligent Pedal, and STEEP audio interfaces

The GTRS Professional 800 (P800) model is the premium version of the Standard 800 (S800) featuring all the base features of the Standard 800, such as GTRS Intelligent Processor System, but also with upgraded hardware and pickup options you would expect in a premium guitar.

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Neural DSP

Quad Cortex

Neural DSP Quad Cortex

(Image credit: Neural DSP)

Quad Cortex is the most powerful floorboard amp modeller on the planet. With a total of 6 cores (4x SHARC+ and 2x ARM Cortex-A5 running at 500MHz each), this ludicrous amount of processing capacity provides limitless sound design possibilities.

Capture, share and download your favorite rigs’ sounds. Equipped with our unique biomimetic AI technology, Quad Cortex can learn and replicate the sonic characteristics of any physical amplifier, overdrive, and cabinet with unprecedented accuracy.

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Tone King Imperial MKII

Neural DSP Tone King Imperial MKII plugin

(Image credit: Neural DSP)

Neural DSP has become the go-to name for guitarists that want meticulously-crafted, intuitive and powerful plugins. 

Now the celebrated Tone King Imperial MKII plugin captures astonishingly authentic vintage tones in a modern package. Offering an array of detailed effects and gorgeous, responsive tube tones, it tackles clean and edge-of-breakup tones like no other plugin.

Elsewhere, Neural DSP’s Archetype range has been designed in collaboration with some of the world’s best innovative and boundary-pushing guitarists.

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Rotosound merchandise

(Image credit: Rotosound)

Strings to threads – wear an iconic brand with new clothing and accessories

Rotosound – famous for their Swing Bass 66 and Rotos guitar strings used by rock royalty for over 60 years – has just unveiled a new selection of merchandise. 

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Taylor 700 Series

(Image credit: Taylor)

Hawaiian koa’s seductive charms are legendary. With the new all-koa 700 Series, Taylor master designer Andy Powers has embraced koa’s natural beauty and sonic virtues in a fresh way that reveals a distinctive musical personality compared to Taylor’s luxurious Koa Series. 

Where the Koa Series showcases an ultra-refined look and sound, featuring figured koa, rich appointments, gloss finish and a smooth voice, the new 700 Series channels more of koa’s natural character in look, feel and sound.

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Westfield Guitars

Westfield Dreadnought

(Image credit: Westfield / Rotosound)

Traditional acoustics with cutting-edge construction herald the return of British brand Westfield Guitars.

If you had a habit of perusing British guitar shops in the nineties and noughties, you’ll be familiar with Westfield Guitars. The revived Westfield Guitars collection begins with two new series of acoustics that combine high-end appointments and state-of-the-art production methods with affordable prices.

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(Image credit: Yamaha)

Meet two examples that show the scope of Yamaha’s lineup at the top-end – the FG Red Label acoustic and Revstar electric.

The FG heritage extends back to the 1966 release of the FG180, Yamaha’s first production acoustic guitar, while the Revstar represents the brand’s first new electric guitar series in more than a decade.

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