Groove Synthesis: "The 3rd Wave is our imagination of what would've happened if PPG had stayed in business"

Groove Synthesis appeared seemingly out of nowhere just before NAMM this year with the announcement of their first product, the 3rd Wave synthesizer. And though the brand may be new, we soon found out that the brains behind the operation had some serious music tech credibility, having previously worked with Sequential, Oberheim and Avid.

The 3rd Wave is a wavetable synth that's clearly indebted to the PPG Wave, taking direct inspiration from both the aesthetics and functionality of that bright blue '80s classic. However, this isn't just a retro revival, as the 3rd Wave is intended to build on the legacy of the PPG by radically expanding its capabilities and envisioning what PPG might have come up with, had they designed a synth for the 21st-century musician or producer. 

We caught up with Bob Coover of Groove Synthesis at NAMM to find out more about the 3rd Wave. Watch the video above to see the full interview and hear the synth in action.

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave

(Image credit: Groove Synthesis)
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