GigRig unveils the Gen-X-14, a power supply with the juice to keep even the most current-hungry pedalboard happy

GigRig Gen-X-14
(Image credit: GigRig)

We live in the golden age of the pedalboard and as anyone whose stompbox collection has expanded over the years can attest to, powering them all – and powering them adequately – is critical. Well, GigRig has a new solution for serious amateurs and pros alike; it’s called the GenX14, and it is one seriously stacked pedalboard power supply.

Featuring 14 fully isolated outputs, with a range of high-current options to optimise your ‘board. Some pedals need more juice than others. Your common or garden variety overdrive pedals and and analogue chorus and delay pedals tend not to bogart the current, and so you can run them off any one of the GenX14’s eight 200mA 9V DC outputs.

That’s all good for your Boss DS-1 or EHX Soul Food. But what about those high-end digital pedals with a cornucopia of settings, presets, heart-rate monitors, the whole nine years? Pedals such as the Strymon BigSky, or the Empress Echosystem? The latter, for instance, draws around 300mA. Again, we have options, with four 9V DC outlets capable of running up 500mA. 

Finally, the are a pair of outlets that can be at at 9V or 12V DC with each offering a whopping 1000mA, making them ideally suited for tube-equipped preamp pedals and the really power-hungry digital multi-effects pedals such as the Eventide H90 Harmonizer

Furthermore, each of these outputs has a pair of connection tabs, which is a bit like having a phone contract where you can gift unused data because it allows you to run the high-current unit and another pedal – just so long as their combined current draw does not exceed 1000mA. 

Another cool design feature is the locking mechanism on the 9-12V outputs, which will help save them from being changed accidentally.

The GenX14 ships with 17 cut-to-length DC cables, which will help you keep the wiring today. The unit is small enough to mount on the bottom of a Pedaltrain ‘board and ships with a 24V DC power supply (though GigRig says it can can work off a voltage range from 9-34V).

At £365, the GenX14 might not be cheap, but for those whose ‘board is packed full, and so power-hungry that the lights in the neighbourhood dip whenever you fire it up, this could be your one-stop shop to keep all your pedals in good working order. 

The GenX14 can be used as a standalone unit, or integrated within the wider GigRig modular product eco-system. Head over to GigRig for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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