Get a free analogue-style synth worth £160 with Computer Music 251

 German developers AIR Music Technology are the brains behind tons of powerful software instruments such as The Riser, Hybrid 3, Structure 2, Transfusor 2 and the brand-new Loom II. That’s why, for our special Vintage Synthesis issue of Computer Music, we’re especially excited to give you the full version of their epic analogue-emulating polysynth instrument Vacuum Pro (plus their Fresh AIR Expansion Pack), as sold for an incredible £160!

Once you've got your copy of CM251, Vacuum Pro's old-school tones are all yours, along with the Fresh AIR preset pack. The issue also contains ten tutorial videos on how to use your excellent new synth, and also entitles you to save over £400 on AIR's Complete Expansion pack, containing 40 other products – absolutely bonkers!


  • Vintage-inspired virtual-analogue polysynth
  • 6-voice polyphony
  • Two identical parts for dual stacked setups
  • Two analogue-emulating oscillators per part (four in total)
  • Continuously variable waveforms: Triangle, Saw, Square (+PWM) & Noise
  • 6 vacuum tube drive stages for vintage warmth and saturation
  • Quad-voice unison detune per oscillator for super-thick tones
  • Pitch Drift and Dust controls for analogue detune and imperfections
  • Eight macro-style Smart Controls for hands-on tweaking
  • Dual resonant filters (HP/BP and LP) with serial, parallel or complex routing
  • 4 envelopes – filter, amp and mod
  • 2 LFOs (free-running or tempo-synced) with seven wave shapes
  • Two mod slots, hardwired velocity assignments, mod wheel assignment
  • Dial in dissonant effects with the ring modulator
  • Create melodic sequences from chords with the retro-inspired arpeggiator
  • Onboard chorus/phaser and delay for lush width and movement
  • Smart randomisation and load-locking
  • Pitch bend range up to 24 semitones
  • Fresh AIR Expansion Pack included
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