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Genelec says that ‘The Ones’ are “the ultimate point source monitors”

Genelec has introduced what it’s calling “Ultimate Point Source monitoring” with The Ones, its expanded range of compact coaxial active monitors. The existing 8351 model has now been joined by the 8341 and 8331, which we’re told is the world’s smallest three-way coaxial monitor.

Point source monitors are designed to overcome the off-axis colouration issues associated with traditional speakers, with the theory being that there’s a much bigger listening sweet spot. In practical terms, this should mean that they still sound good even when you move around in front of them (both vertically and horizontally). We’re also told that there should be less ear fatigue during long listening sessions.

It’s also worth noting that, because of the way they’re designed, you should be able to get good results even when you’re really close to these speakers (as little as 40cm away), so they could be a great option for small rooms.

We heard the entire range in action at the launch yesterday, and first impressions are pretty favourable. The 8341s sounded impressively similar to the 8351s, while the 8331s sound far bigger than their tiny enclosure suggests they might. The two smaller models actually share the same mid and tweeter drivers, though you do notice a significant step up to a ‘bigger’ sound from the 31s to the 41s.

Prices and release dates are still to be confirmed, but you can find out more on the Genelec website. 

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