Gear Talk: Is Roland's Gaia 2 a worthy successor to the original? | Is digital hardware a waste of money? | Why is Behringer calling out gear reviewers?

In our new Gear Talk video series, MusicRadar's Si Truss and Simon Arblaster sit down to talk through October 2023’s biggest music technology gear releases and news stories. 

Roland's Gaia 2 is an update to the company's 2010 virtual analogue synthesizer, which adds new features including a wavetable oscillator and 'motional' touch pad. The synth market of 2023 is very different place from that of 2010 though, and it takes serious innovation to stand out from the crowd.

What's more, whenever a new all-digital synth hits the market, you can guarantee that the same comment will be voiced by certain members of the online commentariat:  ‘what’s the point, it's just a plugin in a box?'. 

In this edition of Gear Talk, we're tackling these question head-on: Are all-digital synths worth your money in 2023? And more specifically, is Gaia 2 the one to go for?

We also discuss some of the month's biggest music technology news stories, including Pro Tools' Ableton-inspired reinvention, the implications of Bitwig and Presonus' DAWproject, and why Behringer is 'calling out' gear reviewers.

Video contents: 

0:00:33 Gaia review: What is the Roland Gaia 2? 

0:02:04 Gaia review: Synth engine and features 

0:08:22 Gaia review: ACB vs Zen Core vs Model Expansions 

0:12:04 Roland Gaia 2 sound demo 

0:12:30 Gaia review: Building a sound – pros and cons 

0:34:25 Gaia review: Verdict 

0:46:00 Roland Gaia 2 sound demo 2 

0:47:41 Should you buy an all-digital hardware synth in 2023? 

0:55:40 Music technology news round-up: Pro Tools Sketch, DAWproject, Behringer

Si Truss

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