Behringer says that “many media outlets and ‘influencers’” no longer support it because it won't advertise with them or provide "free products", or “they simply don’t like us for whatever reason”

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Behringer has called out the “many media outlets and ‘influencers’” that it believes have taken the decision not to cover the company’s products anymore.

In a post on Facebook, the company claims that this is “because we don’t pay for ads, don’t provide free products for reviews or they simply don’t like us for whatever reason.”

However, Behringer does go on to say that, “in all fairness, there are also many other outlets that share our content or review our products in an unbiased and honest manner, because they do what is best for you, the customer. We truly appreciate those people and we’re happy to support and feature them on our channels.”

Behringer doesn’t clarify precisely what it means by “free products”, but in the music equipment industry and many others, it’s common practice for companies to temporarily loan their equipment to relevant media outlets so that it can be independently tested and critiqued.

The company also declines to name which “media outlets and ‘influencers’” it believes are no longer supporting it because it doesn’t have a commercial relationship with them, and doesn’t provide any evidence to support its claims.

Behringer goes on to suggest that the way to access “IMMEDIATE and FIRST HAND information” regarding its products is to subscribe to its own YouTube channel, over which it has complete editorial control.

In August 2023, Behringer was involved in a very public spat with YouTube content creator Loopop, who accused the company of “spreading lies” after it claimed that he wasn’t reviewing their products because “we don't send out free units." The company later edited its post.

Also in August, Behringer posited that it’s a ‘not for profit’ organisation because - it claims - all of its earnings are reinvested.

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