Loopop vs. Behringer: content creator accuses brand of "spreading lies" after it alleges he refused to review gear because it won't provide free units

Behringer Toro bass synth
(Image credit: Behringer)

Music tech content creator Loopop has accused gear manufacturer Behringer of "spreading lies" after the brand alleged that Loopop refused to review its gear because they won't send him "free units". 

The dispute was kicked off by Behringer via Facebook after the brand commented on a post that suggested its Toro synth was a "flop". "It's the 5th best selling product," the comment reads, "not sure this is called a flop. I'm sure Starsky will be reviewing it as [sic], while Loopop is not reviewing products as we don't send out free units." The comment has since been edited by Behringer. 

Behringer alleges that Loopop refuses to review its products because they won't send free gear out for review. Loopop disputes this; in a tweet shared August 3rd, he claims that he initially reviewed several of the brand's products before any correspondence between the two took place. "At that point you offered to send me a few others, which I accepted and disclosed", Loopop continued. 

Loopop claims that he then chose to stop reviewing Behringer gear following a controversy surrounding a satirical video made by the brand that took aim at music technology journalist Peter Kirn. The incident provoked widespread outcry from the music tech community and Behringer later apologised after taking the video down.

"When you made the offensive video about Peter Kirn and started copying affordable products from existing manufacturers with zero innovation (swing), I became disgusted with your corporate culture", Loopop continued. "A couple of years ago you disclosed to me your entire roadmap and offered anything I'd like, and I refused." Loopop also claims Behringer deleted his response to the original comment on Facebook.

The wider music tech community has rallied around Loopop since the accusation was made. Fellow content creator BoBeats tweeted: "Behringer lying doesn't surprise me at all", while Twitter user @dysamoria commented: "This corporate culture is a strong reason why I, a music tech hobbyist in poverty, seriously consider spending hundreds more on Korg’s MS-20 mini instead of Behringer’s clone."


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