Future Music is 30: vote for the greatest instruments and artists since 1992

Future Music 30
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Future Music magazine turns 30 this month. Issue 1 hit newsstands in October 1992 and we've been charting the course of music technology – and the cutting edge musicians that use it – ever since.

FM's anniversary special hits shelves on Tuesday 18 October. In it, we look back at the changing face of music making via our list of the 30 essential instruments and production tools of FM's lifetime.

It's not all about our opinions though. We want YOU to help us crown our readers' choice for the greatest hardware instrument and the greatest electronic musician of FM's lifetime.

Results will be revealed in out Gear Of The Year issue, our 13 December.

Vote for the greatest hardware instrument since 1992

What's the best hardware synth, sampler or drum machine of Future Music's lifetime? Select from our nominations or write in your own. Instruments must have been released between 1992 and 2022.

Vote for the greatest electronic musician 1992-2022

What musician or group has pushed the limits of music production more than any of their peers over the past 30 years? Select from one of our nominees or write in your own. Artists must have been active – recording and releasing at least one new album or track – between 1992 and 2022.

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