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Fuse Audio Labs’ W2395c is a free Baxandall EQ plugin with a modern twist

Fuse Audio Labs W2395c
(Image credit: Fuse Audio Labs)

Fuse Audio Labs is marrying classic ‘50s hardware with 2019 technology in W2395c, a free Baxandall EQ plugin. This adds a mid band to the standard low and high ones.

Designed to make your tracks “stand out big time”, W2395c promises midrange control alongside bass and treble shaping, and all from a very simple interface. The low and high bands are switchable (between 80 and 110Hz and 2 and 5kHz respectively), and you can choose from three different Q factors for the mids.

Designed to be used across the board - on vocals, drums, guitars, synths and your mix bus - you can download W2395c now from the Fuse Audio Labs website. It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats.

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