FREE VST/AU Processing Suite Plugin with Computer Music 253

T-Chain CM is the exclusive Computer Music version of LVC-Audio’s modular channel strip, T-Chain. While the full T-Chain lets you string multiple processors together into the channel strip of your dreams, T-Chain CM loads a single module at a time for when that’s all you need.

A dynamic saturation unit with two distortion algorithms onboard, DynoPhuzz-CM is the headline act, but T-Chain CM also includes five further effects: a compressor, an EQ, a double filter, a gate and the innovative ClipShifter dynamic clipper. All are available in the plugin’s Load menu, and the impact they’re having on your signals can be see as well as heard, thanks to the dual purpose Waveform/Spectrum display.


  • Choose from Distortion (x2), EQ, compression, filtering, gate and dynamic clipper processing modules
  • Global waveform or spectrum view with customisable colour
  • Global dry/wet mix setting
  • A/B functionality between two modules
  • Analogue-style saturation from DynoPhuzz CM
  • Compression ratios up to 30:1 with the onboard compressor module
  • Dynamic Clipper (ClipShifter) to shape transient signals
  • Three more modules to choose from


If you like what you hear from T-Chain CM, you can step up to T-Chain and add modules (including the full DynoPhuzz) to your rack on a buy-them-as-you-need-them basis, by heading over to the LVC-Audio website.

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