Free €50 plugin PLUS a DAW shootout in the new issue of Computer Music!

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 Some say never compare DAWs, but that’s exactly what we’ve done in the September issue of Computer Music, where the all new livened up Logic 10.5 takes on Ableton’s Live master of loops. Which is best? You’ll find out…

On top of that we have an incredible free plugin worth €50 in the form of Pulsar’s Smasher, an amazing 1176-a-like compressor that gives you that distinctive British Mode sound and can beef up everything from beats to vocals. Add 2,000 free ‘beats. Loops and beeps’ samples in there and your music making power has been magnified massively!

Want real beats? Can’t play drums?

How about all of the features you need to create realistic drums… in your computer? Last issue was a bass special and now we move onto beats, this time of an acoustic kind. We have 22-pages of drum expertise, to get the perfect kit sound, then record and mix it all without being able to even lift a drum stick! 


We have something of an interview bonanza as everyone from Dandy Warhols to GotSome take on our 15 Questions challenge, while we line up three sets of composers making music in movie trailers and video games to demonstrate how you too could perhaps earn some money making music in a less obvious vocation.

Make Music now!

Finally, we’ve got top guides to composing and modular synthesis, reviews of the latest synths from Arturia and Rob Papen and loads more in the September issue of CM!

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Get over 70 FREE plugin instruments and effects…
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