NAMM 2022: Focal announces new Solo6 and Twin6 studio monitors, plus a complementary Sub12 subwoofer

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NAMM 2022: Focal has announced its ST6 line of studio monitors, comprising the Solo6 and Twin6, and the new Sub12 subwoofer.

The Solo6 and Twin6 are new versions of the powered speakers that made their debuts some 15 years ago, with the new models designed to offer more detail and greater transparency.

These improvements have been enabled by improved transducer designs, new amplifiers,

and a structurally enhanced cabinet, and the monitors also incorporate features from Focal’s Trio11 Be monitors. These include a new version of Focus Mode, which enables you to change the configuration of your monitors with a footswitch.

Focal says that this is like having a second pair of monitors with reduced dynamics that you can use for checking mixes and balance. The Solo6 has a 1-way single-driver Focus Mode with no tweeter, while the Twin6 Focus Mode uses a 2-way arrangement with both drivers, but again with no tweeter. 

Other features on both the Solo6 and Twin6 include a variable high-pass filter and 160Hz parametric filter to mitigate console or desk reflections. The Solo6 also has mounting points for wall or ceiling placement, making it easy to incorporate into a Dolby Atmos setup.

The Sub12, meanwhile, is a newly-designed 13-inch subwoofer that features a 600-watt power amp.

You can find out more about the ST6 line on the Focal website.

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