Fender launches online ‘Beginner’s Hub’, a one-stop shop for new and aspiring players

Fender Beginner's Hub
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Fender has launched the Beginner’s Hub, a “comprehensive resource for aspiring and new players” that offers a wide range of advice, from finding the right gear and tuning tips, to playing chords and songs.

As Fender’s research has discovered, the are a lot of new beginners in the world. In the US alone, Fender has found that 16 million people have picked up a guitar since the pandemic arrived, and the Beginner’s Hub is targeted at new players of all ages, or even those who quite fancy picking up and instrument but don’t know which are the best guitars for beginners

A quick online quiz should see you right, and thereafter you can choose from a variety of Beginner Bundles for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and beginner ukuleles, with three bundles available in each category. 

The Basic bundle comprises entry-level guitars such as the CD-60 acoustic guitar, and offering them with polyester straps, capos, guitar stands and strings, everything a young player might need.

Electric guitars and basses come with amps. The Basic electric guitar bundle sees a Squier Bullet Stratocaster paired with a Frontman 10G practice amp, while the Affinity Bronco is paired with a Rumble 15 bass amp. All make are a more than attractive proposition for young players.

Guitar Lessons: Chords

The Beginner bundle features guitars such as the CD-60CE cutaway electro-acoustic and super-affordable but great fun Squier Affinity Telecaster. This time the amp choices are a little more serious, with the Mustang LT25 digital modelling combo offering beginners a plethora of sounds to cover all kinds of styles and keep practice sessions interesting.

Finally, the Beginner+ bundle dials up the quality even more, with Squier’s Classic Vibe series of electric guitars and basses, with the Fender Redondo a more than respectable electro-acoustic for budding singer-songwriters.

Once you have found the instrument for you, there are links to video lessons on how to tune it and fret chords, and to play your first songs, and a free trial of Fender’s online tuition platform, Fender Play.

For more on the Beginner’s Hub, head over to Fender. You can read MusicRadar’s review of Fender Play here.

Fender Beginner's Hub

(Image credit: Fender)
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