Fender officially launches the Aerodyne Special Series – and you can now hear and see its new Japanese models in action

Fender Aerodyne Special Series
(Image credit: Fender)

Fender has officially launched its Aerodyne Special Series. Unveiled last month, the new Aerodyne Specials are a Japanese-made collection of instruments offering a modernistic take on five of its most famous electric guitars and bass guitar designs.

There’s a lot to take in here. New colour finishes? Check. We’ve got some very smart new solid colour finishes, with painted headcaps so the collar matches the cuffs. Updated pickups and hardware? Check. All of these MIJ instruments arrives with Babicz hardware, and newly voiced pickups. 

Oh, and something to upset the purists? Check again. Here, Fender has opted for a 12” fingerboard radius for all Aerodyne Special models, which may or may not offer a subtle hint of Gibson-esque feel with the flatter ‘board – the bolt-on maple necks and scale lengths are par for the course for Fender.

The Aerodyne Special Series comprises a Telecaster, Stratocaster, HSS Strat, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass – each comes with a maple or rosewood fingerboard depending on the finish. 

All have basswood bodies, finished with single-ply binding. None have pickguards. Chrome-skirted control knobs match the chrome hardware and coverings on humbucker pickups. These models are all clean lines and minimalism.

With these all now available to order in stores worldwide, Fender has shot and shared demo videos giving us a better idea of how these quietly radical models will look and sound.

The Aerodyne Special Telecaster is available in California Blue with a rosewood ‘board, and Dolphin Gray Metallic or Hot Rod Burst with a maple fingerboard and is priced £/$1,299.

The Stratocaster, meanwhile, is offered in is available in Chocolate Burst and Bright White with a rosewood fingerboard, and with a maple ‘board on the California Blue model, and it is priced £1,349/$1,329.

Those who prefer the option of some humbucking power in the bridge position could avail themselves of the HSS Strat in Dolphin Gray Metallic (rosewood fingerboard), Hot Rod Burst or Speed Green Metallic (both maple ‘boards), each for £1,349/$1,329.

As for the basses, the P-Bass comes in Hot Rod Burst, Speed Green Metallic (both maple ‘boards), and in Bright White with rosewood, and it is priced £/$1,349. Finally, the Jazz Bass lists Chocolate Burst, Dolphin Gray or California Blue (maple) as your finish options, and is priced as per the P-Bass.

For more details, head over to Fender. To hear how they sound, check out the videos above.

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