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Feed your amp a three-course feast of EQ/boost with Ground Control Audio's Noodles Tone Shaper

Ground Control Audio Noodles Tone Shaper
(Image credit: Ground Control Audio)

Ground Control Audio has unveiled the Noodles Tone Shaper – a boost pedal with a trio of independent EQ channels that allow you to select from three frequencies per channel and boost accordingly.

The Noodles Tone Shaper has gain controls for bass, middle and treble, with a footswitch to engage each, and push-buttons for cycling through the three frequency options per channel. 

Simply choose which frequency you want to boost, turn the purple knob to set how much gain you want to dial in, and engage the footswitch when you need it.

Channels can be used independently – handy for, say, boosting mids if you want to fatten up single-coil pickups – or jointly. Either way, the Noodles Tone Shaper should give your amp something to think about, with enough juice to send it into overdrive.

With three options per channel, you have 64 EQ filter combinations to play with. The frequencies you can select are as follows: Bass (40Hz, 100Hz, 280Hz), Middle (400Hz - 2.8KHz, 800Hz - 2KHz, 1KHz - 1.5KHz), Treble (2.8KHz, 4KHz, 6KHz).

As we have come to expect from Ground Control Audio, the enclosure is very easy on the eye, with purple controls and cup noodle graphic on a cream metal enclosure.

Under the hood, the Noodles Tone Shaper deploys the same preamp tech as found on its Amaterasu bright pre-amp and Tsukuyomi midrange boost pedal, with a digitally controlled analogue signal path.

Another potential classic food-themed effects pedal? It could well be.

The Noodles Tone Shaper is available to preorder direct at a discounted price of $229, rising to $249 when the pedal starts shipping in January 2021.

See Ground Control Audio to order.