Everything you ever wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about modular/Eurorack synthesis in the June 2021 Computer Music!

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If you’ve ever wondered what modular synthesis is all about, or want to know about some amazing entry-level systems, then the latest Computer Music is what you’ve been waiting for.

In the June 2021 issue of Computer Music, there's an in-depth guide on bringing  Eurorack into your desktop studio, with explanations of how to get up and running, the main modules you’ll need, plus a guide to all-in-one systems and ideas for every budget. Just don’t get addicted!

There's also 'the best plugin giveaway ever', in the form of Kilohearts’ €79 Carve EQ, a plugin that will have you mixing with more refinement than ever. Free for every reader! 

And there's more: an amazing 4GB of free samples on the accompanying DVD or download - including 2 new warped keyboard collections, the latest industry samples and a classic pack of Spiritual samples to calm you down if you’re stressed!

Elsewhere in the June 2021 issue there's an in-depth tech interview with Snyder Cut composer Tom Holkenborg, up and coming dance star Snarl and Jimmy Edgar. There’s also a fantastic Producer Masterclass with Kideko, who reveals what it’s like making a track with Armand Van Helden. 

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Finally there are three Expert Guides to sound design and composing, plus an all-new series on synthesis using the CM Plugin Suite.

Reviews wise, it’s a bumper issue, as we test new software and hardware from Spitfire Audio, GForce Software, Tom Wolfe and more, plus a roundup of reverbs and all the latest sample packs. 

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Get over 70 FREE plugin instruments and effects…
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