Evans Drumheads launches Snare Tune-Up Kits

Evans Snare Tune-Up Kits
(Image credit: D'Addario)

Evans Drumheads has announced the launch of its brand new Snare Tune-Up kits, comprising everything you need to breathe some life back into your snare drum. 

At launch, there are two versions of the Snare Tune-Up Kit available - with each one containing either an Evans UV1 or Calftone batter head and Snare Side 300 for your snare’s bottom head. 

Given that Evans is part of the D’Addario family, the kits don’t stop at heads. Also included are an Evans Branded Microfiber cloth, drum key, Lug Lube and Hardware Polish, Barney Beats-branded ProMark Rebound 5A drumsticks, a Snare Side 300 drumhead and a 2-pack sampler of the new Evans EQ Pods dampening gels. 

As well as this, Evans is including a set of Puresound snare wires - Puresound Custom Pros with the rock, funk and metal-focussed UV1 kit, or Puresound Concert Series with the more vintage/jazz orientated Calftone kit.

The UV1 Snare Tune-Up Kit is available for 13” and 14” snares, while the Calftone Snare Tune-Up Kit is offered in 14” only. 

Stuart Williams

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