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Eurorack just got a whole lot cheaper and smaller with the new EuroTile modular system from Syinsi

Canadian-based Syinsi has announced that it will be starting a Kickstarter campaign for its new Eurotile modular synth system from 26 March, through to 16 April 2019.

EuroTile is a modular system based around the 1U tile format, which is usually reserved for just utility modules in the Eurorack world. This new system differs, as Syinsi will be offering a fully enclosed system with oscillators, filters, etc. 

The big plus point here as that a system can be built for a much smaller amount of money, and a smaller footprint, compared to your average Eurorack system.

The EuroTile modular system will be able to fit up to 12 tile modules in a 4x3 formation and prices for the Kickstarter will range from $99 to $499. You can already purchase 1U modules from Syinsi, with prices starting from $14.99.

The Kickstarter project will kick-off from 26 March and you’ll be able to find out more info on the Syinsi website.

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What is EuroTile?

The EuroTile is essentially the same format as 1U, however, Syinsi is keen to stick to these extra criteria:

  • White LED: Clock or Trigger indicator
  • Green LED: Gate or positive CV. Brightness indicates level.
  • Red LED: negative CV. Brightness indicates level.
  • LFO, Envelope, VCF, VCA CV range: 0V to +5V (friendly to DIY Arduino projects).
  • However everything should be able to handle -10V to +10V. For example our analog VCO works down to -2V and up to +9V, but it’s most accurate between 0V and 5V.
  • All CV utility modules (Scale Offset, Signal Clone, CV Mixer, etc) work with up to -10V to +10V signals (negative rail may only get down to -9V due to the way opamps work.)
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