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Electro-Harmonix launches the small but deadly Nano Operation Overlord

(Image credit: EHX)

Electro-Harmonix has downsized its Operation Overlord drive pedal and released it in a nano-sized mono format that will free up some space on your pedalboard.

For those who don't need the stereo outputs of the original, the Nano Operation Overlord is certainly an attractive option, with all the same overdrive and distortion tones on tap. It is similarly configurable, with a dry blend control and three-position switch to select input volume of your instrument, so it the pedal would partner well with keyboards or bass guitar.

There are two switchable modes, Normal and Boost. In the Normal mode, you have low to medium overdrive, with three dynamic, amp-like JFET gain stages. Engage Boost mode and EHX says it's like adding a another stage of stompbox overdrive in front of the JFET stages, layering up and increasing the distortion. An active three-band EQ facilitates further tone sculpting.

The Nano Operation Overlord is available now, priced $89.40 street (£73 approx).

See EHX for more details.

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