DW releases The Timekeeper snare drum

(Image credit: DW)

When it comes to intricate snare finishing, few global brands are as dedicated to detail as DW. As an example, look no further than the Californian latest project: the Timekeeper snare drum.

At its core, the Timekeeper is a 14”x6.5”, 11-ply V

(Image credit: DW)

LT shell built from pure Purpleheart. As we’ve come to expect from DW, the snare is also decked-out with some serious features, including DW True Hoops with faux leather inlays, a MAG throw-off with 3P multi-tension butt plate, and DW’s True-Pitch 50 fine-thread tension rods.

However, the detail doesn’t end there, with the Timekeeper’s striking visuals taking its spec to the next level. First up are the inlays - 351 pieces of laser-cut, exotic and dyed material create the ‘Clock and Gear’ graphics, while the drum is finished in an outer veneer of Santos Rosewood. 

DW’s John Good explains the concept of the Timekeeper, “Some of my favourite drummer’s do just that.  They keep time.  And they do it in a way that is so admirable.  These often-unsung players play for the song.  It’s a cliché, but it’s so right on the money.  The Timekeeper is in tribute to those players.”  

(Image credit: DW)

As much as the Timekeeper is visually striking, Good adds that it was made to be played rather than just collected. “Our goal is to not have this drum solely be a memento, it’s designed to be played. I think Purpleheart is an excellent choice for a workhorse snare and we see more and more drummers discovering it and being blown away by what it can do.”

The DW Timekeeper is supplied in a DW Deluxe carrying case and retails for $2307 (around £1800).

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