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Weekend Woodshed

Likes drums, cars, chilling in his bling tourbus
Likes drums, cars, chilling in his bling tourbus

Blinkin' heck...

Great interview with Blink-182 and Transplants man Travis Barker at this is how he likes to spend his downtime, with his massive collection of beautiful cars and chillaxing on his pimped up turbos...

Jojo Mayer rhythm section masterclass

We're big fans of Jojo Mayer here at Rhythm - here's a great video of him with bassist Janek Gwizdala grooving in the Sonor booth at the NAMM show back in January.

Better order up some fresh pots…

News that the forthcoming Queens Of The Stone Age album features the drum talents ofDave Grohl has got us digging out the old 'Fresh Pots' clip from when he was recording Them Crooked Vultures…

And the album is also set to feature Jon Theodore - if you're in any doubt as to his credentials, here he is in action with The Mars Volta...

Glastonbury Drumathon

Okay, so there's lots of Glastonbury news centring around the world's biggest ever band (no, not bloody Mumford & Sons), but in Glastonbury thisweekend, drummer Glenn Hampson is doing a 12-hour drumathon to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. On Good Friday, local musicians will be jamming with him, with a second kit set up for drummers, at the Glastonbury studio of drum tutor Kyle Cullen.We wish Glenn luck in his worthy endeavour! Anyone wishing to donate can do so at

Fun Lovin' Frank

We were on the phone chatting with Fun Lovin' Criminals drummer Frank Benbini this morning. He filled us in on his time on the road with Huey And The New Yorkers, and told us how he first met the band's keyboard player when the latter's band were stuck without a drummer at the last minute.

"They called me and said they hadn't got a drummer, it was our day off so they called and asked if I wanted to play that night," Frank explains. "I told them I didn't know any of the stuff and they said it'd be fine, it was all funky blues, 12 bar, everyone taking a solo. I said I'd do it and they had a sound check at 6 until 7 and they were on at nine. I put the phone down, fell asleep and woke up at 8.40! I completely missed the only chance to jam with the band before the gig in front of 1,500 people! They were about to go on and I said, 'Just hum me how the first song goes.' They hummed me the first song as we walked to the stage and we went and played for an hour and the place loved it!"

In the Rhythm studio…

It's been another busy week here at Rhythm HQ, and we spent a couple of days down at our photo studio snapping all of the latest gear. Among the treats that we got to drool over this month were a stunning kit from the guys at Truth Custom Drums, a batch of new Meinl Byzance cymbals and Tama's updated and reinvigorated Iron Cobra series. We also got an exclusive first look at the Natal Bullet and Kitch double bass pedal. Look out for reviews of all of these and more coming very soon.

Drum Cover of the week

Here's six-year-old Avery Molek doing Van Halen's 'Hot For Teacher'. It's scarily good. He's SIX! Does he have time to go to school? Every lesson must be drumming.