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Tama debuts Starphonic snare drums

Tama Starphonic Snares
Tama Starphonic Snares

PRESS RELEASE: Tama took a bold step forward at this year's Summer NAMM with its new Starphonic snare drums.

These four different snares represent the best of both worlds: modern technological advancement at its best, as well as the much-desired subtleties and nuances of vintage snare sounds.

The snares boast new features such as a quick release Freedom Lug, Claw Hook, and Grooved Hoop for rapid drum head changes and enhanced tone. A 'Linear Drive' strainer with calibrated Ratchet Style tension adjustment knob makes precision tuning simple.

Starphonic snares include Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snares and feature a detachable butt plate for quick snare and head changes. The ultra-thin shells on these snares provide optimum resonance and pristine performance in any situation.

The PBC146MNC features a Matte Natural Cordia finish and 8-ply Bubinga + 1 outer ply Cordia (7mm). The PAL146 offers a seamless aluminum shell (1.2mm). The PBR146 features a nickel-plated brass shell (1.2mm). The PMM146STM has a beautiful satin mappa burl finish with 6-ply maple + 1 outer ply mappa burl (6mm).

Information taken from official press release

For more information, visit Tama Drums' official site

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