Signed Neil Peart gear up for auction

Plus have your picture taken at Peart's kit
Plus have your picture taken at Peart's kit (Image credit: Joby Sessions)

Rush fans have the chance to get behind Neil Peart's kit and bag signed gear as part of a new charity scheme.

Peart's one-off, hockey-themed DW kit will be on display throughout the band's upcoming Canadian R40 tour, and those making a minimum donation of $10 to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation will be able to have their picture taken at the kit.

"This drumset has brought a lot of excitement to hockey fans and Rush fans all across Canada," said Drum Workshop vice president of marketing, Scott Donnell. "It's only fitting that these fans be afforded the opportunity to get behind this special kit as part of Rush's R40 Canadian tour dates. We also felt it was fitting that Neil's drums of choice could raise dollars and awareness for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, Neil's charity of choice."

That's not all, a DW signed, limited edition Neil Peart Icon snare drum and Sabian cymbal will also go up for auction to raise money for this good cause.

For full details and tour dates head to and Peart fans will also want to take a look at our brand new issue, which features the Rush man alongside, Carl Palmer, Bill Bruford and more as we look at the pioneers of prog drumming.

Rich Chamberlain

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