Sakae Drums at Drum Expo 2014

DRUM EXPO 2014: You may not have heard our name, but you've heard our sound. Sakae Rhythm is a high quality drum manufacturer located in Osaka, Japan, founded in 1925. For over 40 years we built drums for one of the world's leading drum brands. Today we build under our own name, Sakae Drums.

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A family-run business, our handmade drums reflect our experience in musical instrument craftsmanship with distinctive features such as Chamber Specific Technology, our cradle mounting system, and a skilled pairing of woods and shell construction, all complemented by exquisite finishes.

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Used by drum legends Jamie Oldaker, Ndugu Chancler and top performers around the world such as Charlie Paxson, Greg Hutchinson, JJ Johnson and Chad Cromwell, our premium quality instruments will help you achieve your desired sound too.

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Almighty Birch

Sakae has been building high quality, all Japanese birch kits for many years. We've recently added a birch option to our popular Almighty Maple Series. It features eight-ply bass drum shells (seven-ply floor tom; six-ply tom tom) that are carefully crafted for a minimal seam, and with a sharp bearing edge for clear attack and great tone.

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Trilogy Series

Sakae revisits a legendary drum sound with the Trilogy Series. Lightweight, resonant shells make this kit ideal for classic 50s jazz. When used with thicker drumheads, it creates the punchy, dry tones of early R&B and 70s rock.

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Premium Metal Snare Series

Following a rich heritage of crafting wooden snare drums, we've recently introduced our Premium Metal Snare Drum Series. As with our wood snares the new metal series features our patented Snare Throw Off and high quality craftsmanship and materials.

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To learn about what makes Sakae drums unique, please visit their official website or connect with them via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.