Sabian reveals its Chopper, Alu Bells and bronze triangles

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A dome shape with a narrow striking edge

A dome shape with a narrow striking edge.
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The Chopper comprises three bronze discs

The Chopper comprises three bronze discs.
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Crafted from pure B8 uni rolled bronze

Crafted from pure B8 uni-rolled bronze.

Sabian have added the three disc Chopper cymbal, Alu Bells aluminium bells, and two new bronze triangles to its percussion range.

The Chopper comprises of three bronze discs riveted loosely together - two of which are cut into propeller-like shapes. When played, the three discs agitate each other and produce a unique raw sound. The cymbal is available in 8", 10" and 12" sizes, all of which fit any drum or percussion set-up.

The Alu Bells come in 7" and 9" sizes and feature a dome shape with a narrow striking edge. According to Sabian cymbal specialist David Williams, not only does aluminium create a clear and musical bell-like response, it is very light in weight, which contributes to its ability to produce long, sustaining notes.

Sabian have released two bronze triangle ranges, B8 and hand hammered B8. Both are crafted from pure B8 uni-rolled bronze and consist of four sizes; 4", 6", 8" and 10".

Both the Chopper and Alu Bells include the One-Year Sabian Warranty. Go to for more information on these products.